Noi pericole pe autostrada A2.- New hazards on the highway A2.24.01.2015


Noi pericole pe autostrada A2. De la Drajna pana la Bucuresti pe ambele sensuri au aparut baterii de gropi foarte periculoase pe prima banda de mers. Sunt greu vizibile de le distanta mai ales cand ploua sau este ceata. Exista un mare risc de taiere a cauciucului sau de accident prin rasturnare sau lovire a parapetilor. Circulati cu viteza redusa si mare atentie! Drum bun!

New hazards on the highway A2. From Drajna to Bucharest on both sides appeared very dangerous pits batteries on the first lane . They are hardly visible from distance, especially when rain or on fog. There is a great risk of cutting rubber , rollover or accident by hitting the parapet . Run at reduced speed and attention ! Bon voyage!

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