Car towing company in Constanta

Car towing company in Constanta

Car towing company in Constanta.

We are the car towing company in Constanta and perform towing services in Constanta and A4 the A2 Motorway.

We cover all areas of Constanta County and beyond.

The intervention time is as short as possible.

Our headquarters are in Constanta in the industrial area.

From here it is the starting point in all directions, internal and external (depending on several factors the price is set).

Car towing Constanta BulRom travels wherever needed and there are requests.

Our company performs car towing services with car platform and car transport.

Freight transport in Constanta and the whole country.

We have high-performance Renault Master and Renault Midlum cars.

We are characterized by seriousness and speed in terms of rigor and traffic rules.

Our clients have recommended us for the promptness of our towing services and experience in the field of transport, but also for car repairs.

They helped us to have a number of clients and partners all over the country and in Bulgaria.

In the future, we intend to continue to offer impeccable, fair and transparent quality services in order to demonstrate that Romania can also be a country like abroad.

Car towing company in Constanta

Car towing company in Constanta is Tractari Auto Constanta BulRom

Services offered

The services we offer are the following:

Towing and transporting cars, vans and equipment up to 4.5 tons.

Transport boats up to 6m in size.

Roadside assistance and car repairs depending on the complexity of the problems.

Guarded car park for defective or damaged cars.

Long term Parking for any car that requires longer parking.

Taxi transport for people affected by malfunctions or accidents.

Discounts depending on the number of cars to be towed;

Car retal.n

Computerized car diagnostics for a wide range of cars and trucks.

Car Towing Constanta BulRom offers you these services of car towing, towing, debugging, at any time at the best prices that you can find displayed on the site.

Car Towing Constanta BulRom car works in principle non-stop. We offer seriousness, respect, safety and professionalism.

Thank you for being here on our site.

We want you to spend quality time and find useful information.

We invite you to browse the entire section of the Blog and ours YouTube channel.

You will find a lot of information that can help you along the way.

Technical information, management advice and general information.

Wherever you are, if you have a technical problem or an accident and you need a tow truck or transport on the platform both in Constanta county but also on the A2 and A4 Motorways, contact us.

Ideally, to reduce the waiting time, we need detailed information about the location of the event, about the vehicle (make, model, color and identification number) its condition and in case of accident, additional details.

The applications on mobile phones that can provide the exact location and a photo can take as many as a thousand words are also very helpful.

We wish you good roads and dry asphalt.