Towing Services Constanta


Towing Services Constanta

We are Towing Services Constanta,company for recovery and car towing service in Constanța. We speak english.

Our services is addressed to any situation in which it is necessary to transport a car in Constanța County, but also nationally.

Unforeseen situations with a vehicle can occur at any time, and when it is necessary to tow it, we are at your disposal with prompt services and safe transport.

Towing ,Recovery and Rent Cars Services Constanta,ours services:

We own  car carrier platforms with a qualified operator and we move quickly wherever we are required.

We can help with RENT A CAR SERVICES

Here you can see our customer portfolio.

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We offer transport to all shop repairs amd services and we can rent another vehicle for exchange if needed.

Our towing services are adapted for light cars, SUVs, vans, caravans, ATVs, with a maximum weight of 4 tons.

Custom prices

The price is set according to several criteria, please contact us with details on the location and destination of the vehicle to be transported in order to make you a price offer.

Towing Services Constanta

Our towing service is available to get your car off the road when something goes wrong.

We have an array of trucks that are capable of towing all kinds of vehicles until 5 tones.

Towing Service Constanta provides reliable and top-quality service as we will come and tow the following vehicles:





Our truck towing service includes all types of pickup trucks.

Our fleet of tow trucks are capable of fitting in tight spaces and getting your vehicle where it needs to go with damage-free towing. All our drivers are trained and experienced so that we can accommodate any situation.

Call us: 004.0722.327.887

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance services are a great benefit to drivers, especially in times of distress.

We assist motorists who have experienced all sorts of problems with their vehicle by providing top-notch roadside assistance.

We have operators standing by waiting to take your call. 

We will dispatch a driver to your exact location.

Our roadside assistance includes the following:

Battery roadside assistance

Tire roadside assistance

Jumpstart roadside assistance

Gas roadside assistance

These services are intended to help drivers who are stranded due to a vehicle that will not drive.

Some of these solutions may be only temporary fixes, but it will be enough to get you where you need to go and safely away from a potentially dangerous situation.

Absolutely Top Quality

When you run into any type of car problem on the road, it’s important to be able to call a reliable service you can trust.  

That has allowed us to take extra special care in helping motorists in need of towing service or roadside assistance.

When you enlist one of our services, you can be assured to receive the following:

Friendly and accommodating service.

Valuable industry knowledge.

Prompt response time.

Affordable pricing.

Professional assessment.

Safe handling of your vehicle