How to make money.

how to make money

How to make money.

How to make money is a problem for many people. Some have found the answer and others are looking for it.

I don’t propose to give the answer myself because I don’t know it.

But I can offer from experience and knowledge some principles that can bring you as close as possible to making money.

But first of all, we need to know what money is?

Instinctively you can say that money is the eye of the devil, but it is certainly not that much.

Money is a commodity, medium of exchange, used to pay for goods, services and to measure the value of things.

But how to do them? The eternal question remains.

The first recommendation how to make money would be:

Learn from the experience of others, because until you learn from your own, you will die.

This is an axiom that will push you to always document yourself.

Pay attention to what is happening around you.

To accumulate information.

And know how to be a good listener because…Who owns the information, owns the power and implicitly the money.

And if you instinctively ask me if money is made from car towing, I will tell you that now it is just surviving.

This is the effect of an overcrowded competitive market.

The second recommendation, how to make money:

Spend less than you earn.

This course of action will give you a correct economic thinking.

You will learn to give the correct value to each work or service.

You will be able to detach yourself from the politics of consumerism.

You will be able to be free and you will not be tied to any bank loan.

Because yes, modern slavery is linked to bank loans.

The third recommendation:

Do not forget that health and time are the most important.

Time and health are irreversible and usually young people neglect them.

I’m not a fan of a „job” that locks you in one place and that will inevitably introduce you to a routine.

Learn. Read. Listen. Explore. Try.

If you make a mistake, try again and you will reach the desired result.